[Declassified Audio Document_2018​:​] CS

by L.O.T.I.O.N. Multinational Corporation

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"Xenophobia" from the upcoming L.O.T.I.O.N./Scumputer split 12"
"Hardware" from the upcoming 2018 LP on Toxic State Records
"Goodbye Humans" from Digital Control And Man's Obsolescence, remixed by Scumputer

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released February 19, 2018


all rights reserved


Track Name: Xenophobia (Demo)/Hardware (Demo)/Goodbye Humans (Scumputer Remix)
The patriot waves his flag
Screaming about freedom while he’s smashing in your head
Like a starving dog guarding his scraps
That doesn’t see the wolves while he's barking at the cats


The Patriot cares not about the facts
He lets his gut determine how he speaks and how he acts
Meanwhile at the rally, where anger turns to rage
Only blood will satisfy now that they’ve had a taste


A wall is just a way to say i hate you in every language

Are we Programmed to kill?

Big new from the robotics lab of Massachusetts institute of technology
Breakthroughs in mechanization, primed and ready for weaponization
Hardened steel enforcers keep law and order
Watch the skulls cracking when they’re in action

We’ve got the hardware
We’ve got the software
We’ve got the future
Every criminals nightmare

Army, navy, air force, coast guard, marine corps
Police departments, federal agents

Bad new from the robotics labs of Massachusetts Institute of Technology
This is the next generation, primed and ready for brutalization
Embrace the future; metal storm troopers
Stomp your ethics, life is not precious

We’ve got the hardware
We’ve got the software
We’ve got the future
Every citizens nightmare

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